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Who we are ?


Three fellows whose common passion is in art with all of its genres. We all have a background at working in a variety of creative fields. Now we are united by a strong will to make the activities of the art world more approachable, and to make working with arts more accessible.

After our vision had matured for several years, our paths finally met in the spring of 2020. With mutual thoughts, we decided to combine our skills and start working as a team. In the summer of 2020, Skill And Vision Inc. was founded, and we started building the framework for our operations.

As a result of the design phase, one of our company’s projects became to run the online store in the purpose to support productizing artist works into high-quality clothing. After a year of development, it was finally time to spread the sails and let our ship into the waters!

Our office is located in the warm heart of cold Finland in Helsinki. We are working on skill hunting, product development, improving the visibility of artists and increasing their earning potential. Currently our main focus is on producing high quality art apparel prints.

For us, the durability and quality of the products are key elements, which is why we always use strong textiles with best available printing methods.


Ile, who is involved in many things in the cultural sector, brings his own expertise to the company, mainly in the form of marketing and customer service.

The overlap and hecticity of several projects is a space where Ile likes to spend his time. The same week may include his own exhibition opening, DJ gig, music video filming, festival marketing meeting, or for example, mural production.


Jhonny is a Vaasa-based photographer and graphic designer who has Interest in using media and technology, as well as problem solving as a key attitude which brings forward new challenges has made solving problems a way of life.

Jhonny, who is responsible for brand and concept design and website development, found the natural way to implement the various areas of his interests in the form of an e-commerce.


Lapa is a Vaasa-born artist who has had a dream to make art and print clothes since he was young. This long-term vision has now become true with the company.

Lapa is currently responsible for running the online store and product development.

It is a great passion for him to look for artists and collaborate with them so that we can all enjoy art everywhere we go.